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Privacy policy and handling of Personal Information

Hands-On (hereafter referred to as “the SHOP”) respects the privacy of said users,
And the SHOP believes an important responsibility to protect user’s personal information carefully. Regarding to this web site, the SHOP observes the relevant laws related to personal data, and conducts its appropriate management as follows;

Purpose of Personal Information Application
In case that personal information from users is provided, the information is only used for answers and requests from users, or used when the purpose is informed in advance. The SHOP shall not use personal information without any permission other than the legitimate purposes.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
The SHOP shall not provide and deposit the provided personal related data to any third parties, unless accompanied by a legal obligation from judicial institutions or government based on the laws. And even if the SHOP discloses personal information to third parties on customer’s agreement, it makes the arrangements with third parties for the protection and complete endeavor to protect the information.

And then, the SHOP asks regularly confirmation of the contents of the privacy policy, which may be revised